I’m Mark Murphy, and I’m running to put

Staten Island FIRST.

Staten Island gets shortchanged by New York City. We pay 9% of the revenue to the City, but only get 4% back. The only way we will address our challenges—like improving traffic and reducing tolls, increasing access to health care on Staten Island, and reducing crime and gun violence—is to get our fair share of tax dollars back from the City. I will get us a seat at the table and make sure Staten Island’s needs stop being ignored by the City.

I’m a fourth-generation Staten Islander, raising my family here in West Brighton. I’m a proud small business owner, and I believe in the power of public service. I have seen firsthand that Staten Island has been ignored for far too long. Our community deserves a Borough President with a track record of effectively working for and showing up for our community – I have that track record.


Why I am Running

I’m running to transform Staten Island and ensure the ‘Forgotten Borough’ is forgotten no longer. We can’t keep electing politicians who fail to deliver for Staten Island. Vito Fosella was a do-nothing Congressman who was one of the worst Staten Island has ever seen at bringing tax dollars and funding for projects home to Staten Island. He will continue to do nothing to bring our fair share of tax money back to Staten Island, which means our traffic will continue to get worse, our health care needs ignored, and crime will keep going up. With me as your next Borough President, our community will finally have a seat at the table in City Hall. I am the candidate who will bring Staten Islanders together, and bring results home to Staten Island.

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