About Mark

A longtime community advocate and businessman serving Staten Island, Mark Murphy is running for Borough President at a unique moment in our borough’s history.

In the early 2010s, Mark served as Staten Island’s voice in the office of the New York City Public Advocate, holding the Mayor and his administration accountable for their failure to provide resources to Staten Island.

Then in 2012, Mark challenged then-Congressman Michael Grimm for his seat. Grimm was a bully whose threats of violence and thuggish style brought shame on our community and stained Staten Island politics. Mark’s message of unity connected with Staten Islanders across the political spectrum.

After his run for office, Mark started a small real estate business and now helps the next generation of Staten Island families buy and sell their homes. In the last decade as a private citizen, Mark never stopped using his experience and relationships to help his community. After Hurricane Sandy, Mark secured the help of Americares, a major charitable foundation, to help our communities rebuild. Mark also helped organize with seniors living on NYCHA properties who had been subjected to dangerous conditions, due to maintenance neglect by the city.

Public service is in Mark’s DNA. Mark’s father, Congressman John M. Murphy, represented Staten Island in the US House for close to two decades, from 1963 to 1981. A strong ally of President Johnson, Congressman Murphy sponsored the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, Medicare, and other transformative civil rights and anti-poverty legislation. Mark holds those same values today.

Mark lives in West Brighton with his wife and son.

Mark’s Priorities for Staten Island


To build a healthier Staten Island, we must have immediate funds earmarked for public health on the island, which typically gets slivers of the pie.

“I’ve talked to dozens of our community’s healthcare stakeholdersnurses, doctors, home health aides, administrators and patient advocates. We know what needs to be done to finally get Staten Island health care on par with the rest of the city and be able to care for our own people on the Island.

“Staten Island University Hospital and Richmond University Medical Center are highly sophisticated medical facilities that provide world-class care to everyone who needs it regardless of ability to pay. We will demand a designated amount of NYC Health & Hospitals Corp. funds which are directed to city hospitals be earmarked for our 2 hospitals in Staten Island. In addition, we need to ensure our community members can receive care near home and expand community health centers throughout the Island.

“There are numerous long-term solutions we need to pursue to build durable, redundant health care infrastructure that can treat our people, but the most urgent missing piece is dedicated city funding for SIUH and RUMC, which are already doing the work of the large public hospitals in other boroughs.”


We need an accountable and well resourced NYPD that can remove each and every illegal gun from our streets.

“Gun violence is a constant terror to our families, ending lives, stealing childhoods and tearing neighborhoods apart. We need to address the inequality and poverty that leads to gun violence.

“Shootings are up 97% from 2019 to 2020 (source) we need guns off the street now by creating an anti-gun unit that is created in partnership with the community. We need better NYPD training, better outreach, new technology, and continued communication, community input and trained officers on the street.

“We can make strides by ensuring there’s a team who wakes up and clocks in every day with the singular goal of getting dangerous illegal guns out of the hands of people who would use them to harm us.

“We also need more funding for the FDNY in order to reduce response times and save lives.”


Staten Island’s infrastructure must catch up quick to its currently unsustainable growth over the last two decades. And every plan that goes forward needs to fit the community and foster accessibility to the rest of the city.

“Unsustainable and poorly planned growth has been forced on our island, and we’re paying the price in endless traffic, crumbling roads, and overcrowded schools.

“Lack of infrastructure is not smart development – or best use. Development isn’t always all good or all bad – we can find a common ground. Zoning has been at the middle of the conflict, and we need to address that. I will continue to advocate for Staten Island with the Dept. of City Planning – keeping our precious Island’s beauty, integrity and people in mind. Overstressing areas with massive development with not enough schools, police, fire, sanitation, hospitals, roads, sewers – infrastructure is not smart development – or best use”

“We need to make sure the community is involved and make their voices heard when it comes to our land use, We will demand guarantees from the next mayor on this issue.”


Without Staten Island’s essential workers, New York City grinds to a halt. The infrastructure that connects us to the rest of the city is the most vital of any in the world, and it’s time we treat those roads, bridges, and waterways as the critical arteries they are.

“We must further develop transportation through the ‘6th Borough of New York’ also known as its waterways. We need a fast ferry from the South and West Shore and a faster Staten Island Ferry to shorten commutes.

“To make our streets safer, we must slow down drivers without crushing the middle class with speed-camera tickets – let’s listen to each community about where they want stop signs, lights and speed bumps – the City’s unelected unaccountable bureaucrats should not decide for us.

“Long term traffic nightmares on the Island also need to be dealt with immediately. Let’s finally find a Hylan Blvd solution and change the patterns on that thoroughfare to make it work better. By removing the median and parking on the street and using paint and light timing to increase efficiency, we can cut down on what has turned into a 2-hour commute for many of our neighbors.”